★   Romanian Prizes in Logic and Artificial Intelligence   ★

Romanian Prizes in Logic and Artificial Intelligence

1) The Romanian Chapter of the International Society for Logic and Artificial Intelligence (ISLAI), and “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi (UoI) will award, each year, prizes for best papers in logic and artificial intelligence, further referenced as “RPLAI”.

2) Every citizen of Romania irrespective of their role, nationality, gender or age, are eligible for participation in competition for RPLAI.

3) The prizes are awarded by an evaluating board appointed by the UoI.

4) Applicants are requested to submit an original (unpublished) manuscript written in English of a paper from 6 to 30 pages (one page approximating A5 size, i.e. about 800 words), on any topic that can be considered as pertaining to logic or artificial intelligence.

5) Each year the number of prizes and their types will be different and will depend on sponsorship.

6) One type of prize will be awarded only in those years, when the World Congress of Universal Logic is organized
(“Unilog years”). This type of prize consists in

  • Covering the payment of the successful applicant's participation costs (travel, accommodation, registration fee) for the Congress, if the successful candidate will participate in the congress;
  • Recommending of the paper of successful applicant for publication in the journal Logica Universalis.

7) All RPLAI prizes will be awarded on January 14, World Logic Day.


RPLAI 2021

In order that applicants obtain most benefits from competing for RPLAI in 2021, which is a “Unilog year”, the organizers accounted for other two major events in organization of which ISLAI and UoI participate in 2021:

  1. VI International Conference on Mathematical Foundations of Informatics MFOI-2020, Kiev – an event postponed from 2020 to January 12–16, 2021
  2. Symposium on Logic and Artificial Intelligence (SlAI), Chisinau, January 14 2021 – an event associated and collocated in virtual mode with MFOI-2020.

Since the timeframes of these two events intersect on World Logic Day, a person can participate in both these events. Namely, to participate in competition for RPLAI, an applicant needs to submit a paper by January 4th of 2021, 24:00, in PDF format, to the email address adiftene@info.uaic.ro copy logicprize@islai.org

If the applicant does not advise differently, by default, we will send your paper also to MFOI-2020 in order for it to be considered for publication in Proceedings of MFOI-2020.

Notice that since 2021 is a “Unilog year”, in order to recommend the paper of the winner of RPLAI 2021 for publication in Logica Universalis, the manuscript must not be published elsewhere – it cannot be published in the Proceedings of MFOI-2020. However, the case of the winner of RPLAI is special, and this unique case will be managed by requesting that the winner prepares an “Extended Abstract” of his paper which can be published in Proceedings of MFOI-2020, so that the entire paper can be recommended for publication in “Logica Universalis”.

Organizers of the Romanian Prizes in Logic and Artificial Intelligence